Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Off the top of my head....

Off the top of my head I wouldn’t have said
there’s a shred of a chance of my winning
but I love using words  and though it’s perverse
I’m particularly fond of punning

I’ve just finished a course on how to write verse
and if I don’t try  then I’ll never know
If I’ve learned to express unlike anyone else
an image that’s really quite stunning.

When I’m by myself I just can’t stop
this verbal diahorrea which you’re going to hear
but if you’re at home and can read it alone
you can cast it aside if you can’t abide it, and I’ll never know


What’s it to be will you give me a chance to woo you with words
that I’ve crafted and honed to a poem that has something  to say
and no-one else has written in verse
in quite the same way that I want to say it?

I’d play it cool but I’m such a virgin
I’ m urging you to read me through and give me a chance.
read me out loud to a crowd or a few
in the bath, in the garden wherever appeals

What do poets do when they get a day
of inspiration when they want to say something in verse
do you rush for your pen or your computer
do you pester your friends or your publisher?

I know the given is not to plunge in but to let it settle,
read it again, ‘frisk every word’ to see what it’s saying
remove ’ buts’ and  ‘ands’  just there for the  rhythm;
a double adjective’s quite a sin,

a descriptive verb is best  put in.
Don’t forget if you’re reading aloud
syllable count is not seen by the crowd
the words will just flow and mingle together,

what you need to decide when you have finished
is could you diminish the  number of verses
don’t hesitate,  deviate or repeat yourself
or yours is the poem that is left on the shelf.

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